About Us

Buying your first home is easy with

Valdosta Home Center.


Finding a house you like.

Valdosta Home Center is proud to be your Live Oak Homes exclusive retailer. We always stock singlewides, doublewides and triplewides. And with over 100 unique floor plans, Valdosta Home Center is sure to find you the home of your dreams. Our customer service managers are always on site to answer all your questions.

Having it delivered and set up.

Having your new home delivered and set up is a big project, and we handle it all for you. You won’t lift a finger until we hand you the keys to your new front door. From paint to permits, Valdosta Home Center will manage the entire process. And even after you move in, we’re always here if you need customer service.




Our Staff

Robert Wainwright

General Manager


Cornelius Key

Sales Consultant


Kevin Taylor

Sales Consultant


Jan Touchton

Sales Consultant


Sonya Wainwright

Sales Consultant